Personal Marketing – From Ecuador to West Virginia

As an educator, I always enjoy the arrival of summer as a time to travel and build experiences to share with my students during the next academic year.  Two weeks ago, I had the adventure of a lifetime when I travelled to Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands.  However, I was quite surprised that within 24 hours of landing in Quito that I was having a conversation with an entrepreneurial Ecuadorian about the power of personal marketing.  This young man was explaining to me that he was seeking to build a reputation as an exceptional tour guide known for his compelling storytelling about the country and culture.  He also happened to be a talented graphic artist who had designed a captivating logo to reinforce his brand.  He actually started explaining to me the importance of personal branding without even knowing that I was a professor who taught marketing.

This past weekend, I had the pleasure and privilege of discussing personal marketing in quite a different forum at the WVU Integrate 2.0 Conference.  This special event brought together 140 IMC practitioners from across the US to share innovations in creative design, virtual/mobile/video technologies, public relations and a multitude of marketing related topics.

During my session, I shared various tips on leveraging social media channels for “Marketing YOU!”  I was so pleased with the questions and positive feedback that I received during and after the presentation.   Questions included:

How do I determine where to focus my efforts? Always focus your efforts on those channels that are most effective for reaching your target audiences.

Should I send a note of thanks to individuals who decide to follow or like me in social media channels?  In most cases, I would recommend it, as “Thank You” remains two of the most powerful words for developing relationships.

How do I personalize a LinkedIn account? Click on Profile – Click on Edit Profile – Scroll down the screen and click on the Edit button next to Public Profile – Then on the right hand side of the screen there will be a link to “Customize your public profile URL.”

To view a video of the presentation, click here.  And to ask additional questions, just comment below!



  1. Hello, Dawn — thanks so much for posting your presentation. Bill and I both really enjoyed it and learned a lot from you! I went to LinkedIn and found that I was already smart enough to customize my URL but I will make sure Bill does it as well. There are numerous other tips in your talk that I will take advantage of as time permits. I pretty much command the first page of Google but since my name is pretty common, some vigilance is required to keep that the case!

    I have really enjoyed seeing you in Chicago and WVA over the past month. I hope you will be able to join us in Boston for the DMEF Research Summit October 1-2 and DMA after that.

    Warm regards, Susan

    • Dawn Edmiston says:


      Many thanks for the feedback. It is so rewarding to know that the presentation was useful.

      It was such a pleasure to connect with you again this past weekend. And congratulations on the wonderful, and truly well-deserved, teaching honor.

      I hope our paths cross again soon, Dawn

  2. Hannah Ornowski says:

    Hello Ms. Edmiston,

    I really enjoyed attending your Breakout Session and its wonderful the session is available online! I just shared your video with my AmeriCorps directors in Charleston, WV and how your Breakout Session would be extremely beneficial to AmeriCorps members entering the workforce. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

    • Dawn Edmiston says:


      It was so nice to receive your comment. And I am thrilled that you found value in sharing this session with your directors at AmeriCorps (such an amazing organization).

      I hope our paths cross again at a future WVU IMC event, Dawn

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