Best Apps and Tools for Higher Education

This week I had the privilege of serving as the chairperson for the 20th annual Marketing Management Association (MMA) Educators’ Conference. This special event attracts educators from around the world and I am always inspired by the teaching … [Read more...]

20 Apps for Academics in Higher Education

This week I have the pleasure of attending the Marketing Management Association Educators’ Conference in New Orleans.  I always enjoy this conference as it offers great networking and learning opportunities with colleagues from around the … [Read more...]

A 2020 Perspective on Higher Education

The start of a new year is often the time for colleges and universities to consider their strategic plans.  At Saint Vincent, our President recently addressed the faculty and shared hopes and aspirations for our institution.  I suspect many of our … [Read more...]

Higher Ed Marketing – Moving in the Right Direction?

I am passionate about the need for innovative, and integrated, marketing in higher education.  So I was encouraged when I read about a University of Massachusetts research study that found social media adoption in higher education has been soaring. … [Read more...]

How Social Media is Revolutionizing the Power of Storytelling

During the past several years, it seems as though I could not attend an industry event or conference without a session on the importance of storytelling.  Perhaps I am especially sensitive to the power of storytelling since I started consulting for … [Read more...]

The Evolution of Marketing in Higher Education

“Marketing” had once been a term that could only be spoken in the most hushed tones in academia.  However, in the past 40 years, the number of U.S. colleges and universities has grown from 2,300 to more than 4,000, including branch campuses (Rhodes). … [Read more...]