Global Chief Marketing Officer Insights

When I worked at IBM, I valued having access to global data and resources to better understand markets. I am still an avid reader of IBM’s research and thoroughly enjoyed their most recent Global Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Study. If you have … [Read more...]

Developing POP! A Professional Online Presence

I recently returned from attending the Marketing Management Association (MMA) educator’s conference in St. Louis.  This annual event attracts faculty from around the world, who share research and best practices related to marketing and management … [Read more...]

Higher Ed Marketing – Moving in the Right Direction?

I am passionate about the need for innovative, and integrated, marketing in higher education.  So I was encouraged when I read about a University of Massachusetts research study that found social media adoption in higher education has been soaring. … [Read more...]

Integrated Marketing Communication Takes to the Airways

British Airways that is. Marketing Week just published an article on British Airways (BA) launching “a consumer-facing brand campaign for later this year and has previously said that this will be accompanied by an internal communications programme … [Read more...]

Personal Marketing – From Ecuador to West Virginia

As an educator, I always enjoy the arrival of summer as a time to travel and build experiences to share with my students during the next academic year.  Two weeks ago, I had the adventure of a lifetime when I travelled to Ecuador and the Galápagos … [Read more...]

Personal Branding Lessons from Fred Rogers

This afternoon I returned from an annual planning meeting with the advisors of the Fred Rogers Center.  The time that I spend with these talented and passionate individuals always leaves me feeling inspired.  The photo that I have included in this … [Read more...]

Chief Marketing Officers Plan to Change Marketing Models

A recent article in Marketing Week UK revealed that “75% of chief marketing officers plan to rearrange their teams by the end of this year” according to Forrester Research.  This is not much of a surprise to those of us who understand that (1) … [Read more...]

Deploying IMC Troops and Internal Marketing Armies

This past week, Fast Company (a favorite of mine since their launch in 1995) featured an excellent article on how organizations can leverage one of their most powerful marketing resources, internal staff.  Too often organizations become so focused … [Read more...]

Leveraging Social Media Tools in a Competitive Job Market

It’s that time of the year again, when my senior students start to feel intense pressure about “life after college.”  In fact, it was a student who inspired me to start sharing the lessons that I was teaching in the classroom about the power of … [Read more...]

How Social Media is Revolutionizing the Power of Storytelling

During the past several years, it seems as though I could not attend an industry event or conference without a session on the importance of storytelling.  Perhaps I am especially sensitive to the power of storytelling since I started consulting for … [Read more...]