in 2012!

As we begin our New Year’s resolutions, I have three recommendations to strengthen UasABrand.  Commitment, focus and engagement will lead you to a compelling professional online presence in 2012!

Commit.  Make a commitment to examining your brand and understanding what your brand represents to others.  If you were to do a simple Google search on your name, what would you find?  Do your social media channels – Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. – have a similar voice?  Or even a similar photographic image?  If you have not already done so, make 2012 be the year that you commit to developing your own site or blog to share your insights and further enhance your professional brand.

Focus.  The advent of new technologies does not necessarily mean these are the most effective technologies or channels for marketing UasABrand.  You need to understand your audience, and then you need to focus your efforts on those communication channels that are valued by your audience.  A multitude of social media channels exist, so you need to focus on those channels that bring the greatest return on your brand investment.

Engage. Once you commit to strengthening your brand in 2012 and develop a renewed focus, then you need to engage your audience.  It is not enough to simply share posts and insights with your audience; you need to engage them in dialogue.  Personally, I have found that many of my most productive online dialogues are the result of attending traditional conferences and events that allow me the chance to network and then continue to build upon those relationships through social media. When distributing business cards, be certain these cards include your personal Web site address and/or LinkedIn address.  And, update your email signature so that it includes your personal Web site address and/or LinkedIn address as well.

Do you have additional resolutions for UasABrand in 2012? Please feel free to share them in the comments section below!



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